Tenso Europe Chamber Choir

Tenso Europe Chamber Choir (TECC) is an initiative of Kaspars Putniņš (Latvijas Radio Koris) and Tenso Network Europe. It aims to unite the most talented young vocalists in Europe, in the first European chamber choir for young professional singers.

This pioneering project benefits from the vast experience that Tenso has gained in the professional choral field over the last 10 years. The set-up of the project reflects both our ambitious educational goals and our experience with concert performances at the highest level. Tenso offers its large network to support the Tenso European Chamber Choir, to coach the young singers in the art of ensemble and singing, and to display their immense musical talent of the young singers to audiences across Europe. This new vocal ensemble offers young singers an exciting opportunity and gives them a head start in their careers.

TECC website

Tenso Europe Chamber Choir has its own website. Have a look at www.tensoeuropechamberchoir.eu.

TECC edition 2017

The call for singers is expected to open beginning of February 2017. Check out the TECC website: www.tensoeuropechamberchoir.eu.

TECC edition 2016

11 – 21 July – summer school (Joseph-Schmidt-Musikschule, Berlin) with Kaspars Putniņš and Geert Berghs

22 – 24 July – Short European concert tour with Kaspars Putniņš

23 – 28 August – Second short tour under the baton of Paul Hillier, including a performance at the Tenso Days in Helsinki

TECC edition 2015

17 – 28 July – summer school in Ede (Netherlands)

29 – 2 August – European concert tour (Hungary, Netherlands and France)

TECC edition 2014

14 to 24 July  summer school in Sigulda (Latvia)

15 to 25 August  – European concert tour (Netherlands, Finland and Estonia)

17 and 18 October  Brightness. The series, premiere Tenso Days Rīga 2014

TECC edition 2013

Concerts in Sigulda (LV, 8. August), Riga (LV, 9. August) and Tallinn (EE, 10. August).

pictures (and more on facebook)

More details on tensoeuropechamberchoir.eu.