• Tenso Koorbiennale Haarlem June 2019
  • Tenso Professionals Meeting # 1, Paris 2010
  • Tenso Europe Chamber Choir in Groznjan, 2017

new co-ordinator : Laura Lopes

Tenso has appointed Laura Lopes as the new co-ordinator. Laura has a ‘Tenso connection’ since 2014, when she joined Tenso Europe Chamber Choir ; in the past years, she regularly assisted the Tenso team organising several events. Meet Laura here 

next members meeting

The next meeting for members will take place in the next months. More details will follow here.

TPM # 10 !

In 2019, Tenso organized its tenth conference for the choral world and beyond. The annual conferences have broached a variety of topics, in lively meetings taking place all over Europe. Have a look at the overview of the past years.

corona times

Check out the activities of our member during corona times on our facebook page

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