• Tenso Koorbiennale Haarlem June 2019
  • Tenso Professionals Meeting # 1, Paris 2010
  • Tenso Europe Chamber Choir in Groznjan, 2017


Tenso Professionals Meeting, our annual conference, took place on 30 June in Haarlem (NL), during the Koorbiennale. Including concerts of Scandinavian Tenso members in their second Nordic Choir Expedition. Take a look at the photos … 

TPM # 10 !

In 2010, Tenso organized its first conference for the choral world and beyond. Since then, the annual conference has broached a variety of topics, in lively meetings taking place all over Europe. Have a look at the overview of the past years.


The results of the project Tenso 14-18: From Poetry to Music can be found on the project website: poems, translations, recordings, scores and much more…..  

new members

In 2018, three choirs signed up as members or Tenso : please welcome Devlet Çoksesli Korosu, Zürcher Sing-Akademie and Chorwerk Ruhr. The network now counts 21 members from 17 European countries.


As part of last year’s conference in Berlin in April 2018, we asked three young artists to try out their visions for choral music in a small concert. Have a look at the videos …