About us

Tenso is the European network for professional chamber choirs. In Tenso Network Europe, the joint efforts and achievements of the most prominent European chamber choirs are combined and disseminated within the context of a growing European network. As of 2017 the network counts 21 members from 17 European countries.

The network was founded in 2003 by choeur de chambre accentus (FR), Latvijas Radio Koris (LV), Nederlands Kamerkoor (NL) and RIAS Kammerchor (DE). Since then, members have collaborated in developing the choral repertoire, coaching young performers and composers, and presenting new choral music to large audiences in the Tenso Days festivals. By involving amateur and youth choirs in their projects, the spin-off is extended to the large community of choral singers and audiences for choral music all over Europe.

Tenso activities

  • collect and publicize the work done by member choirs in the creation, discovery and distribution of existing and new repertoire for chamber choir, and make it available via the internet and other media
  • commission new music for chamber choir from the most outstanding living European composers
  • organize expertise exchange for staff on several subjects such as cooperation with amateurs and children and innovative multi-disciplinary projects
  • organize expertise exchange for singers, conductors and composers
  • organize the Tenso Days, an international choir festival aimed at a large and general audience of music lovers, in collaboration with festivals, venues and other partners

For a complete overview of our activities, have a look here.

tenso turquoise sTenso

a term from the Occitane troubadour tradition, meaning “dialogue between singers”.

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Photo: meeting artistic staff, Frankfurt December 2013

from left to right: Mathieu Romano, Sigvards Klava, Fredrik Malmberg, Nils Schweckendiek, Anna Becker, Alexandre Santos, Else Torp, Tido Visser, Babette Greiner, Daniel Reuss, Josep Vila, Pieter-Jelle de Boer, Carlo Pavese, Ivar Munk, Roland Hayrabedian, Bernhard Hess, Leo Samama