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Tenso Network Europe is an association.

Criteria for membership

  • Membership is open to professional chamber choirs of between 12 and 40 singers.
  • The conductor and the majority of the singers should have completed a formal (conservatory) musical education.
  • The choirs should be backed up by a professional organization which demonstrates the following:
    • a clearly defined division of tasks between performers and organization.
    • year-round activity (thus excluding ad hoc / project-oriented organizations)
    • sustainability – choirs should have existed for more than five seasons and plan to exist for three seasons ahead.
  • Choirs should have an independent programming, such as:
    • a significant number of a cappella / small accompaniment programmes
    • their “own” concert series.
  • Programming should not predominantly comprise works of the conductor or artistic leader.
  • Repertoire should have significant focus on contemporary music.
  • Choirs should regularly present premieres, commission works and present programmes featuring contemporary music (1950-present).

General members are willing and able :

  • to send a representative to attend annual membership meetings (if necessary, arrange travel and accommodation at own expense)
  • to perform free of charge at Tenso Days at least once every three years (providing artistic content)

The exact terms of participation in Tenso Days are laid down in the Regulations of the association.

Annual contribution (rates 2012)

• Full members and candidate members :
€ 500 for organizations with an annual budget lower than € 500 000
€ 750 for organizations with an annual budget between € 500 000 and € 1 000 000
€ 1000 for organizations with an annual budget higher than € 1 000 000

• Associate members : € 150

• Individual members : € 25

Membership applications

Applications for membership can be sent to the Board, which will evaluate the application and – in case of a positive advise – forward the application to the general members meeting for approval.
Contact Babette Greiner, info @ [remove spaces ]


Contribution rates, criteria and conditions will be discussed in the general members meeting in April 2015 and may be revised as a result.