(c) Guy Vivien

Musicatreize performs vocal works by contemporary composers, either a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment. The highly adaptable ensemble is a seasoned performer on a wide variety of stages and settings, from the pared down concert to full musical theatre.
Musicatreize leans particularly towards the Mediterranean, working closely with composers who express the Southern way of life. Examples include the French/Moroccan composer Maurice Ohana, who first inspired director Roland Hayrabedian, and Lebanese Zad Moultaka, whose work they frequently feature.

As well as performing in their own concert room in Marseille, Musicatreize organizes a biennial Marseille festival “20 Lieux sur la mer” (20 seaside places). The ensemble tours extensively, performing at top festivals and prestigious concert halls in Southern and Northern Europe, Asia, Africa and Brazil, and has produced numerous CDs. Critical acclaim includes the French « Victoire de la Musique Classique » award.

Musicatreize gave several concerts at the Tenso Days 2014 Riga and was also present at the Tenso Days 2015 in Mechelen, which is part of the Festival Mechelen hoort Stemmen. In Mechelen, five young composers worked with Musicatreize in the first round of the 2015 Tenso Young Composers Workshop. In 2016, Musicatreize will host the 7th edition of the Tenso Professionals Meeting.

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