Tenso Days 2015 Mechelen

This edition of Tenso Days took place from 15 – 17 May 2015.

Take a look at the highlights.

Tenso Days is an international choir festival aimed at a large and general audience of music lovers – a showcase of the very best of chamber choir performances. In October 2014, Tenso Days took place in Riga, Latvia.

Programme overview

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Friday 15 May 20:15 | Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral – Cappella Amsterdam (Daniel Reuss)
Ton de Leeuw – Prière
Daan Manneke – Psalm 121 Je lève mes yeux
Daan Manneke – – Psalm 122 Je suis dans la joie
Ton de Leeuw – Car nos vignes sont en fleur
Ton de Leeuw – Elégie pour les villes détruites
Laurent Durupt – …souffler sur quelques lueurs…  (world premiere)
Ton de Leeuw – A cette heure du jour

Saturday 16 May 20:15 | Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral – Helsingin kamarikuoro (Nils Schweckendiek)
Finland for beginners 
Kalevi Aho – Kolme laulua Mawlana Rumin runoihin
Beat Furrer – Enigma I-IV, VI
Lotta Wennäkoski – Ommel
Einojuhani Rautavaara – Die erste Elegie

Saturday 16 May 22:00 | Cultural Centre Mechelen – Ensemble Musicatreize (Roland Hayrabedian)  
A musical voyage of rediscovery
Philippe Schoeller – Ardor   (poèmes d’Apollinaire)
Guy Reibel – Calliphones
Alexandros Markeas – Dionysos, le vin, le sang

Sunday 17 May 16:15 | Saint’s Rumbold’s Cathedral –
Visioni ed Estasi by Wim Henderickx (world premiere) performed by various choirs amongst which Cappella Amsterdam, Helsingin kamarikuoro and Ensemble Musicatreize.

other activities

Tenso Young Composers Workshop 2015, round #1, with Ensemble Musicatreize, James Wood and Leo Samama
Friday 15 May 2015 15:00 and Sunday 17 May 10:00 | Cultural Centre Mechelen

Tenso Masterclass for Conductors 2015, with Helsingin kamarikuoro, Cappella Amsterdam and conductors Daniel Reuss and Fredrik Malmberg
Saturday 16 May 13:30  and Sunday 17 May 2015 10:00 | Cultural Centre Mechelen

workshop for amateur singers with Roland Hayrabedian and Musicatreize
Saturday 16 May 14:30  | Cultural Centre Mechelen

Unique co-operation

Wim Henderickx - Photo by Miel PietersFor this edition, the renowned Belgian composer Wim Henderickx has been invited to write a new work for many voices: he will set up a unique co-operation between Tenso members Cappella Amsterdam, Musicatreize and Helsingin kamarikuoro, and a number of amateur choirs from Mechelen. Henderickx was delighted to take on this assignment and immediately saw the possibilities of Mechelen’s majestic Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral. (Photo: Miel Peters)

and more…   talks with Wim Henderickx and Alexandros Markeas, and more…

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download the programme/time table as pdf

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