21 October Eric Ericsons Kammarkör

Friday 21 October
16:30 Trinitatis Kirke, Copenhagen

Eric Ericsons kammarkör
Florian Benfer, conductor

The Swedish pioneer ensemble opens the Copenhagen version of The Nordic Choir Expedition with a generous tour of their home country’s choral music of the past 150 years.

The program spans from traditional choral lyric by David Wikander and Hugo Alfvén, to Ingvar Lidholm’s technically demanding Libera me with lyrics from the Latin death mass. The love between woman and man is the guiding line in the piece by Daniel Börtz. Folke Rabes’ Joe’s harp employs a nasal vocal technique with different overtones to allude to the Jew’s harp while Karin Rehnqvist was inspired by a tape recording played backwards to her piece Davids nimm. The oldest composer in the program, Ludvig Norman from the 19th century, was a key figure in the Stockholm music scene. It remains to be seen if Gustav Lindsten, born 1990, will retain a similar position in our age. His piece Penumbra is composed for chamber choir and electronics.

Goes Swedish II

David Wikander (1884-1955): Förvårskväll
Folke Rabe (1935): Joe’s Harp
Daniel Börtz (1943): I mörkret av röster
Hugo Alfvén (1872-1960): Aftonen
Karin Rehnqvist (1957): Davids Nimm
Gustav Lindsten (1990): Penumbra

– Short break –

Ingvar Lidholm (1921): Libera me
Ludvig Norman (1831-85): Jordens oro viker

Andreas E. Olsson (Börtz)
Maria Demérus, Helena Ströberg, Maria Erlan Carlsson (Rehnqvist)
Maria Bergman, Filip Hamber (Lindsten)

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