26 October DR Vokalensemblet

Wednesday 26 October
17:30 Trinitatis Church

DR Vokalensemblet
Marcus Creed, conductor

The programme All roads lead to Rome ow a lot to Italy: two composers, prominent Castiglioni, in who’s Stabat Mater the mother doesn’t mourn at the cross but stand at the manger and rejoices in the newborn while troubled at his future, and Taccani, who has chosen a Portuguese text from the 16th century in Oceano Deus. Dutch Zuidam begins at Dante and ends with French poetry from the 20th century, while Poul Ruders move back to the time of the holy Saint Francis of Assisi to Saint Paul from the Roman Empire and his Corinthian letter.

All roads lead to Rome

Niccolò Castiglioni (1932-96): Hymn
Giorgio Colombo Taccani (1961): Oceano Deus
Rob  Zuidam (1964): Nella città dolente
Poul Ruders (1949): Three Motets