Choral chain on the walk of peace

Saturday, 23 September, 11.00 – 20.00 hours

Singing on the Slovenian and Italian sides of the 1917 battle line
Project Ambassador: Bernarda Fink

Oblaki so rudeči and Monte Canino are folk songs of neighbouring nations that have left a deep impression on our memory. They remind us again and again that the worst evil is brought by war. The Isonzo Front is known mainly for its new military strategy (blitzkrieg), but history also emphasizes the importance of consolation sought by soldiers and civilians on and off the battlefields. According to sources, numerous songbooks were brought to soldiers on the front. Folk music gave them courage and lifted their spirits. The ‘Zbogom orožje, pozdravljena pesem’ (A Farewell to Arms, a Welcome to Song) Festival will host the Dekor Chamber Choir with conductor Petra Grassi) whose singers present a selection of folk songs by Slovenian and Italian composers to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Isonzo Front, while underlining the importance of a connected community dedicated to its traditions and humanistic values. At every selected memorial a message of peace will be read. At the opening and closing of the trail it will be addressed by world renowned artist Bernarda Fink.



11.00 Log pod Mangartom Golobar Bovec Men’s Choir, Iskra Bovec Female Choir, Viribus Unitis Men’s Choir Gorenji Log
12.30 Kobarid Brinke Female Vocal Ensemble, Sv. Anton Kobarid Mixed Choir, Planinska roža Mixed Choir Italian Charnel House
14.00 Tolmin Volče Mixed Choir, Dolenja Trebuša and Sv. Anton Kobarid Mixed Choirs, Poljubin Men’s Choir, Viribus Unitis Men’s Choir, Glasbena matica Ljubljana Cinema Theatre square
14.00 Memorial Park Lipa Ravnica Men’s Choir, Kromberški Vodopivci Men’s Choir, Chamber Choir Grgar Preval, Nova Gorica
15.00 Sabotin Ludvik Zorzut Medana Men’s Choir, Vinika Vocal Ensemble, Jože Srebrnič Deskle Mixed Choir The Mountain Lodge
16.00 Doberdob (I) Goriška Chamber Choir, Hrast Men’s Choir, Jacobus Gallus Choir at the Monument
17.00 Sveto pri Komnu Aurora Vocal Ensemble, Dr. Frančišek Lampe Črni Vrh nad Idrijo Mixed Choir, Cominum Mixed Choir the Church of St. Giles
19.00 Gorizia (I) Dekor Chamber Choir Kulturni dom Lojzeta Bratuža

programme subject to change