Gala opening concert

Thursday, 21 September 2017, 20.00 hours.
Sveta Gora, Basilica of St Mary

Tomaž Sevšek, organ
tba, harfa
Martina Batič, conductor

Karol Pahor: Oče naš hlapca Jerneja (The Lord’s Prayer of the Servant Jernej)
Sofia Gubajdulina: Hommage a Marina Tsvetayeva
Slavko Osterc: Oče naš (The Lord’s Prayer)
Franjo Parač: New work*
Leoš Janaček: Oče naš (The Lord’s Prayer)
Alojz Srebotnjak: Bori (Pines)
Marij Kogoj: Nageljni poljski (Carnations in the Field)
Marij Kogoj: Trenotek (Moment)
There was a ‘Trenotek’ (a ‘moment’, in local dialect) that raised hopes for a promising
future for young composers, as the conductor Gojmir Krek remarked upon the publication
of Marij Kogoj’s choral works in the journal Novi akordi in 1914. It was a moment that, like
a spark among the ashes, lit a fire in Karol Pahor’s setting of Cankar’s ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.
It probably only took a moment for the fire to spread among the nations of Europe and
even put men of opposing nations on the same side. The Slovenian Philharmonic Choir’s
programme serves as a tribute to the creativity of Slavic composers, helpless victims of
an irrational moment of ‘thought’.
The Slovenian Philharmonic Choir was founded in 1991 as a professional organisation
‘of particular social importance’. From its foundation its primary artistic mission has been
the performance of a broad repertoire of vocal/instrumental and a cappella works, as well
as the recording of choral music.
Conductor Martina Batič became the choir’s artistic director in the 2012/13 season.