A hostile storm is shaking the world

12-24 September, Kromberk Castle, Kromberk

Opening Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 20.00 hours.

Exhibition of the National and University Library of Slovenia
commemorating the centenary of the First World War

Round table discussion

curator: Alenka Bagarič (NUK)

Vihar sovražen svet pretresa (A hostile storm is shaking the world), a dark prophetic verse
by the poet Simon Gregorčič was borrowed by the National and University Library for the
title of this exhibition commemorating the centenary of WWI in 2014. The exhibition,
organized within the scope of the ‘Zbogom orožje, pozdravljena pesem’ Festival, aims to
present different materials from special collections and encouraging researchers to study
less familiar documents.
The curator has selected articles from daily newspapers, personal diaries, refugee stories,
drawings and photos, military songs, invitations to charitable events and other records
related with music. An exhibition catalogue in the form of a special newspaper edition
comprised of excerpts of documents and stories kept in the library suppliments the
The opening of the exhibition will be complimented by a discussion panel on the
commemoration of First World War through culture and music, in particular the activities
of the TENSO European network for professional chamber choirs and its four-year European
project focusing on poetry, music and texts set to music that are linked to the Great War.
The discussion panel will include dr. Alenka Bagarič (Head of NUK Music Collection),
Babette Greiner (General Manager of TENSO European network for professional chamber
choirs) and Veronika Brvar (President, Glasbena matica Ljubljana).