TD Marseille 2013 workshops

biographies of speakers and workshop leaders

Monday 16 September · MuCEM Auditorium

14:00-16:45 seminar & workshops vocal improvisation (in FR)

Since the foundation of the Conservatoire de Paris in 1795, and until just twenty or thirty years ago, organ playing was the only musical subject that included training in improvisation. Choral education and general musical education are the first to bring this practice back to life. Time to make up the balance, to confront and compare experiences and enlighten them with examples from other disciplines (dance and theatre).
Alexandros Markeas, François Rossé, Guy Reibel, Frank Langlois (moderator)

15:00-15:45 · workshop Alexandros Markeas (in FR)
16:00-16:45 · workshop François Rossé (in FR)

17:00-17:45 · Tenso round table (in EN)
Carlo Pavese (IT), Guy Reibel (FR), Nils Schweckendieck (FI), Mark Shapiro (USA), Frank Langlois (moderator)

Tuesday 17 September · Villa Méditerranée auditorium

11:00-12:30 seminar text as support of the imagination (in FR)33 Tenso Marseille 2013-L

Text as stimulator and/or « musical text » ? Material that has sound, and/or material that has meaning ?
Pascal Caumont , Géraldine Keller, Alexandros Markeas, Zad Moultaka, Catherine Peillon, François Rossé, Frank Langlois (moderator)

14:00-14:45 seminar the vocality of the South (in FR)

Once the vocal and harmonic universes that characterize « the North » ( the non-Latin part of Europe) and the South (the Mediterranean region) have been put in perspective, the question is raised : can one acquire a different internal ear, one that belongs to another vocal culture than one’s own ?
Pascal Caumont , Géraldine Keller (photo right), Alexandros Markeas, Zad Moultaka, Catherine Peillon, François Rossé, Frank Langlois (moderator)

15:00-15:45 workshop Géraldine Keller (in FR)
16:00-16:45 workshop Pascal Caumont (in FR)

17:00-17:45 Tenso round table (in EN)
Eugene Birman (US/LV), Lasse Thoresen (NO), Toivo Tulev (EE), Bernat Vivancos (CAT), Frank Langlois (moderator)

24 Tenso Marseille 2013-L cropped

Wednesday 18 September · Villa Méditerranée auditorium

10:00-12:45 seminar microtonality / workshop Song of Songs (in EN)

The start of an intense collaboration between two very different ensembles, Latvijas Radio Koris and Ensemble Sarband, an instrumental ensemble that mediates between past and present, Early Music and living tradition, Orient and Occident. Building on the results of the Concrescence project started by Lasse Thoresen in 2004, the Latvijas Radio Koris will continue its investigation of microtonal music, combining different, seemingly contradictory vocal traditions. Eight composers from Europe and the Near-Orient have been asked to write music based on the ancient text of Song of Songs. The new works will be created in several ‘laboratory’ workshops where all participants – singers, instrumentalists, composers – will collaborate.

14:00-14:45 discussion around Maurice Ohana (in FR)

A discussion of Ohana’s work and ideas by people who have known him well
Roland Hayrabedian (FR), Guy Reibel (FR), Leo Samama (NL), Frank Langlois (moderator)

15:00 – 18:30 a presentation of the three pieces selected by the jury, followed by the presentation of the Maurice Ohana Competition Award
Choeur Atelier Vocal Concours Ohana (cond. Daria Kucevalova)
Latvijas Radio Koris (cond. Kaspars Putniņš)

Thursday 19 September · Salle Musicatreize

10h-13h · workshop Song of Songs continued

Monday 16 – Thursday 26 September, 10h-19h  · Pavillon M

visit the OMNI, Guy Reibel’s wonderful brainchild, and let the machine sing!

Programme, speakers, times subject to change.
version 15 September 2013

The morning and afternoon seminars and workshops will be (mostly) in French; Tenso round table talks will be in English. There will be on-the-spot, improvised translations (FR-EN and EN-FR) of highlights and summaries.