workshop Song of Songs

workshop Canticum Canticorum – Song of Songs

Marseille, 18 and 19 September 2013

The start of an intense collaboration between two very different ensembles, each famous in its own right: Latvijas Radio Koris, bringing perfection in vocal art, and Ensemble Sarband, mediating between past and present, Early Music and living tradition, Orient and Occident. Eight composers from Europe and the Near-Orient have been asked to write music for this exciting combination, based on the ancient text of Song of Songs. The new works will be created in several ‘laboratory’ workshops where all participants – singers, instrumentalists, composers – will collaborate on creating a new, unique sound. The first meeting of the ensembles and the composers took place during Tenso Days Marseille 2013 in two sessions open to the audience.

The results of the workshop will be performed during Tenso Days Riga 2014.

kaspars and bushra










Bushra El-Turk and Kaspars Putniņš


santa and toivo

Santa Ratniece and Toivo Tulev

Latvijas Radio Koris
conductor Kaspars Putniņš

Ensemble Sarband
artistic leader Vladimir Ivanoff ensemblesarband_325_183_70_c1_left_top

Mustafa Dogan Dikmen (Turkey) – voice, ney, percussion
Sokrates Sinopoulos (Greece) – politiki lira
Salah Eddin Maraqa (Jordan) – qanun
Vladimir Ivanoff (Bulgaria) – percussion, lutes

Vladimir Ivanoff (Bulgaria)
Zad Moultaka (Lebanon / FR)
Santa Ratniece (Latvia)
Lasse Thoresen (Norway)
Toivo Tulev (Estonia)
Bushra El-Turk (Lebanon / UK)
Martins Viļums (Latvija)