Tenso Days 2010 Oslo

16-18 September 2010

Tenso Days Oslo were hosted by Det Norske Solistkor and presented as part of ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. In addition to the host choir, the other participating Tenso member choirs were Musicatreize, Nederlands Kamerkoor, and Latvijas Radio Koris.

The festival illustrated Tenso’s commitment to the presentation of new work: in addition to mainly contemporary programming, the Tenso choirs performed the following eight world premieres:

  • Allsang (new version) by Eivind Buene
  • Trees by Micha Hamel
  • Crepuscular Hour by Maja Ratkje
  • Tenebrae by Karin Rehnqvist
  • Mythes Étoilés by Lasse Thoresen
  • Tanto gentile by Toivi Tulev
  • Abar panjom ardīg abāg gāw ēk-dād kard by Martins Vilums
  • Latum lalo by Isadora Zebeljan

Other programmes presented by Tenso Choirs included:

  • L’autre rive by Zad Moultaka
  • Antifonia sul nome ‘Jesu’ by Giacinto Scelsi
  • Lamentationes by Thomas Tallis
  • Tres lamentationes by Arne Nordheim
  • Das Atmende Klarsein by Luigi Nono

In addition to the presentation of concerts, the gathering of Tenso members facilitated:

  • The first part of the Tenso Composers Workshop 2010-2011;
  • A Tenso collaboration with the Norwegian Academy of Music and composer Lasse Thoresen to produce the Concrescence Conference on Microtonality;
  • A Tenso board meeting which led to the defining of Tenso’s new structure and an expansion of the network to include DR Vokalensemblet (Copenhagen) and Barcelona’s Cor de Cambra de Palau de la Música.


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