Call For Conductors – TMC 2017 – Call closed

2017 call for conductors: who can apply?

Conductors under 33 (born in or after 1984), or conductors who have recently (after 1 July 2014) received a degree in conducting at a music academy or conservatory, or who are still studying are invited to apply for the Tenso Masterclass for Conductors. The masterclass is not restricted to European citizens, but non-European applicants must show a clear and sustainable connection with European music life.

Selection process

Candidates applied by sending link(s) to frontal video recordings of their conducting (from the point of view of the musicians). This does not need to be choral work. In a motivational letter, candidates should elaborate on their experience (or lack of it) with choral conducting, and what they hope to achieve when selected to participate in the masterclass. In addition, we expect letters of recommendation, a short cv, and a filled-out application form.

How to apply?

Send in your application form (including links to video recordings), motivational letter, cv, and recommendation letters to masterclass @ (remove spaces) before 15 March 2017 18:00 CET.

More information?

Please contact us at info @ tensonetwork . eu or call project manager Babette Greiner at + 31 6 1467 1313.