Tenso Professionals Meeting


In 2009, Tenso Network Europe – now an established force in the music community in Europe – organized an informal meeting in Haarlem, during the Koorbiennale, to sound out ideas for further development of the network’s activities and the choral scene in Europe. One of the results was the plan to organize an annual conference for the choral community and beyond. In the past ten years, these conferences have broached topics like social media, projects with and for children, amateurs and young professional musicians, concert spaces and more.

The meetings bring together the staff of the Tenso member choirs, as well as representatives from other organizations in classical music and beyond. Our meetings are always informal and animated, with short presentations followed by discussions with panelists in which the other participants can freely take part and develop ideas. The expected number of attendants is around 40 professionals.

TPM 2022 ● Tallinn (EE) ● Belonging
After two corona years, we will look at belonging in all senses of the word – how to belong in a choir, how to belong in society, how to belong to your supporters.

TPM 2019 ● Haarlem (NL) ● What is a choir ?
In the tenth edition, we will look back at results, challenges, and new horizons.

TPM 2018 ● Berlin ● Mind the gap
The inspiration for exciting choral projects may come from faraway places – across generations, continents, cultures…

TPM 2017 ● Paris ● Words in music
The challenges of expressing texts in choral music, and how to make texts an integral part of the choral performances.

TPM 2016 ● Marseille ● Choirs in space
From spatial music to performances in extraordinary locations, or even under the blue sky – how do choirs work with this challenge?

TPM 2015 ● Porto ● Engaging the young
How to let audience engagement be a source of potential, inspiration and creativity for singers, employees and audiences alike.

TPM 2014 ● Berlin ● From learning to practice
What does it take to create choral music? How can the professional choirs help to shape the education of singers, conductors, and composers of choral music?

TPM 2013 ● Barcelona ● Pleasure and excellence
How do we create effective collaborative projects that are rewarding for all participants, and that yield a result (concert or otherwise) that is still artistically relevant?

TPM 2012 ● Paris ● Listen and engage
How social media and the mobile web offer cultural organisations new ways to promote their activities and interact with their audience, or to what extent they can foster collaboration and be an element of the creative process.

TPM 2011 ● Paris ● Life after live music
What do the professional chamber choirs do to keep their music alive after and beyond concerts? What is the best way to capture a performance, and what is the best way to bring it to the public?

TPM 2010 ● Paris ● An in-depth look at the choral world in Europe
What are the challenges and horizons for the professional chamber choirs in Europe? And how can working together in a dedicated network contribute to the development of choral music?

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