TPM 2012 Paris

Listen and Engage

10-11 May 2012, Centre de Documentation de Musique Contemporaine (Cité de la Musique), Paris

Social Media Strategies & Mobile Web Tools for the Performing Arts

Tenso Professionals Meeting 2012 focused on social media strategies and the mobile web. Creative uses of these technologies were presented by speakers active in the classical music and museum or media industries, notably Jo Johnson, Digital Marketing Manager at the London Symphony Orchestra; Rachel Coldicutt, founder of Caper and former Head of Digital Media at the Royal Opera House; Lukas Hellermann, project manager at musikFabrik; Roei Amit, Head of Digital Media, Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand-Palais; Tim Rutherford-Johnson, musicologist and writer; Lindsey Porter, Press & PR Manager at Opera North.

During five panel sessions, these professionals illustrated how social media and the mobile web offer cultural organisations new ways to promote their activities and interact with their audience, or to what extent they can foster collaboration and be an element of the creative process.

Thursday 10 May

09.30-10.00 – Welcome Coffee (Tenso members only)

10.00-11.30 – Tenso members meeting

11.40-13.00 – Presentation: what’s what in social media (Sébastien Magro,Elise Rouyer)

14.00-16.00 – Topic 1: Examples of social media strategy and viral marketing campaigns (Jo Johnson, Lukas Hellermann, Elina Karaseva)

16-30-18.00 – Topic 2: Engaging Audiences via the Mobile Web (Cecile Martin, David Dombrosky, Nicolas Droin)

Friday 11 May

10.00-11.30 – Topic 3: Reaching out to the contemporary music audience on the Internet (Lukas Hellermann, Tim Rutherford-Johnson, Luc Hossepied, Bernhard Hess)

14.00-15.30 – Topic 4: Digital Innovation in Cultural Institutions (Rachel Coldicutt, Roei Amit, Samuel Berthod, Richard Slaney, Anna Becker)

17.30-19.00 – Topic 5: Blogging, 2 Sides of a Coin – Institutional Blogs and Cultural Institutions’ Interaction with Individual Bloggers (Lindsey Porter, Paul Kilbey, Thomas Deneuville, Lukas Hellermann, Tarek Kaï)

Take a look at the interview with Lukas Hellermann from Ensemble musikFabrik.