TPM 2013 Barcelona

Pleasure and excellence

4-6 April 2013

This year, we focused on the interaction between professional choirs and amateur choirs. The TPM took place in the spectacular Palau de la Música Catalana, built a century ago to celebrate choral singing.

Sessions dealt with

  • benchmark projects – organizers of successful projects will share their expertise; and we will look at the current state of affairs of Tenso choirs
  • the music –  which music is suited for projects shared with amateurs? can – and should – we adapt music to that purpose? how can we stimulate composers to write more interesting music that is suitable for professional ánd amateur choirs?
  • sharing the stage – what does it bring, and how does it work ? the practicalities; the set up; the coaching; the role of the professional singers; the framework (especially in the eyes of the outside world
  • managing –  legal aspects, finances, publicity ; what do we – the professional choirs – hope to gain from collaborating with amateur choirs, and are these realistic expectations?
  • contemporary music – how can we jointly work on contemporary music? improvisation, jeux vocaux, written notes; how can the professional choral world help amateur choirs choosing the right repertoire?

Speakers a.o. Chris Surety (UK), Merlijn Twaalfhoven (NL), Josep Vila (CAT), Martí Ferrer (CAT)


Sessions & speakers