TPM 2017 Paris

WORDS AND MUSIC in choral art

Tenso Professionals Meeting 2017
Philharmonie de Paris, 23 & 24 January 2017

The 2017 conference took place in the Philharmonie in Paris (FR), hosted by accentus. An international audience of writers, composers, performers and other professionals from the field of music discussed the challenges of expressing texts in choral music. A short written report by Laurent Slaars here

Monday 23 January


On behalf of the Philharmonie de Paris and Tenso Network Europe, Emmanuel Hondré and Leo Samama address a welcome to the audience. Musicologist and semiologist Eero Tarasti give a keynote speech. More info ….

Session 1 – The composer face to face with the text

Moderator Laurent Slaars discusses the challenges of writing music for vocal ensembles with two renowned composers Philippe Hersant and Thierry Machuel, and two up&coming composers Violeta Cruz and Sebastian Androne. More info …..

Session 2 – The writer face to face with the music

Sylvie Douche speaks with writers Rozalie Hirs, Aoife Mannix, conductor Nicole Corti and composer Stephen McNeff  bout the challenges to write texts for choral music. More info …..

Session 3 – intertextuality in music, with le jeune choeur de paris

le jeune choeur de paris, under conductor Henri Chalet, acts as jukebox and makes a tour through different settings of the same texts, guided by Benjamin François. More info …..

Tuesday 24 January

Session 4 – the point of view of the performer 

Ariel Alonso speaks with Rasmus Adrian, manager of Hotel Proforma, tenor Jean-François Chiama and Mathieu Romano, conductor and artistic director of Ensemble Aedes.  More info …..

Session 5 – the point of view of the programmer 

Emmanuel Hondré, director of the Philharmonie de Paris speaks with Neil Wallace, director of programming of Koorbiennale and De Doelen, Julien Caron, director of the Festival de la Chaise Dieu and Edouard Fouré Caul-Futy, producer at France Radio. More info …..

Session 6 – looking at the future, new technologies

Babette Greiner, general manager of Tenso Network Europe, speaks with researcher Annette Mossel and researcher and developer Axel Röbel of IRCAM about new technological developments in making texts an integral part of the performance. More info …..