Looking back and follow-up

Looking back

Below is a short video which looks back at the Tenso Professionals Meeting 2014 in Berlin, followed by an overview of the meeting’s follow-up activities.


Tenso will play a role in furthering three of the ideas that came up during the Berlin meeting:

1. Draw up a pamphlet, defining a must-have skill set for ensemble singers. This pamphlet can be used by Tenso members to engage with conservatoires in discussions how to optimise existing curricula.

2. Motivate members to select ambassadors for choral music in their own countries and engage such ambassadors (such as young people, people of public stature) in their campaigning. A good recent example is the “log book” campaign (link to Youtube) of Tenso member accentus, featuring a young fan of Mozart and conductor Laurence Equilbey who manages to get himself invited at a recording session of Mozart’s Requiem.

3. Develop an engagement programme for young professionals in choral music, which helps Tenso members to stir interest in choral singing.

Proposals will be available on this page shortly. Anyone interested is invited to help shape the above initiatives. Participants of the TPM Berlin meeting will receive an update shortly. If you would like to be involved as well, drop us a line!