Daphne Wassink

Daphne Wassink (NL, 1980) is a public policy and arts management professional. She studied choral conducting, electrical engineering and daphne wassinkscience & innovation management. These subjects might sound contradictory, but it is the creativity, the curiosity and the drive to seize opportunities that connect engineers, artist and innovation managers. After following the young professional program of the Dutch national government she worked for the Ministry of Economic Affairs on EU Innovation policy and the Energy Market. In 2010 she became the advisor on music and opera in the staff of the Council for Culture in the Netherlands and coordinated the ‘Agenda for Culture 2017-2020’ of that same Council. Nowadays frequently asked as advisor on policy, advocacy and arts management and as coach for both young talents and managers in both fields.
She is a singer in a number (semi-)professional choirs in the Netherlands and active contributor to choral organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. She is one of the vice-presidents at the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, President of the World Youth Choir and executive board member of the International Music Council.