MIND THE GAP – session 1

Monday 23 April
14:30 – 15:30

Session one: Hanspeter Kyburz, Dr. Marcus Doering and Folkert Uhde

Hanspeter Kyburz – dream project

“In a theatrical setting movement, music and language may intensify and enrich each other mutually: Imagine a dancer surrounded by choir singers, his movements initiating their vocal actions but also being driven by them. The choirs role between collective “greek” abstraction and individual response, both highly emotional or anonymous and “objective”.

Physical and musical changes – including the dancer’s sounds and the singers movements – considered as the very substance of universal contradictions which dramaturgically provoke, spark and drive individual and collective action.

Some practical questions which became important for me in almost any interdisciplinary production:
– musical score first or cooperative experimental approach?
– notational requirements for choreography, staging and composition?
– location and infrastructure
– rehearsal timing

Dr. Marcus Doering (1967) completed a PhD in physics 1998 at the Max Planck Society, Berlin.  In 2007 – after several years of research activities in Toronto, Canada and project work in the area of nanotechnology – he took over a project at the renowned design office büro+staubach GmbH in Berlin: a patented camera tracking and video projection technology that was developed with André Bernhardt and premiered in 2002 at the opera “Marlow: Jew of Malta” at the Münchener Biennale 2002. Dr. Doering and André Bernhardt founded the label PMD-ART and successfully demonstrated the ongoing development of the technology with numerous pilot projects such as the IFA opening gala 2011 and several dance projects for the art world. Dr. Doering joined VISTAC GmbH at the end of 2015 to develop and adapt this technology as a complete server solution for theaters, shows and events with funding and support of German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Since 2017 Dr. Doering works with the „Deutsche Tanzkompanie“ in Neustrelitz in close collaboration with the art director Lars Scheibner.

Folkert Uhde 

programme manager Radialsystem; concert designer and developer of interactive concert series; the term “Concert Design” for the redesign of content, setting and audience experience as a whole was introduced into the public discourse about the future of classical music by Uhde in 2013.