MIND THE GAP – session 3

Tuesday 24 April
09:30 – 11:00

Session three: NKK NXT, Sofia Borges, Karmina Šilec

NKK NXT (Hans Vermunt and Patrick Vaessens)  presented the project Tune out, burn in, developed by a group of young artists coached by staff and singers of Nederlands Kamerkoor. From developing the concept, making artistic choices, production schedules and communication plans, to performances and audience relations: everything was done by the group.

Composer Sofia Borges presented her view on choral music (one of the many possible ones…) in the Open Kitchen concert on Monday night. Her interest goes out to combining live or pre-recorded electronic sounds with live performed music. She works with sound “captured in the wild”, with and without additional manipulation.

Karmina Šilec is  is the artistic director of Carmina Slovenica, conductor and stage director. With her concept “Choregie – vocal theatre or theatre of voices” she has brought freshness and originality to the world of vocal music and theatre. Artistically it parallels different types of music and texts; by merging the old and the contemporary it creates new, exciting contexts in music theatre. Her projects are provocative, daring; her ideas break taboos, those of the society as well as music. More about Karmina 

In the season 2018-2019 she will be Radcliffe Institute Fellow at Harvard University.