TPM Berlin – open kitchen concert

Three alumni from the Tenso programmes for young musicians tried out their visions for choral music in the framework of a small concert. Each of them was given a 30 minutes slot, where they could show their ideas for a “new concert format”-recipe and discuss their vision and also the challenges with the other participants.

Like in an open kitchen session, the participants of Mind the Gap ! got the chance to look over the shoulder of three chefs while they were creating and experimenting with new flavours and different ingredients to create a new dish.

Sofia Borges, Tenso Composer Alumna, experiments with voices and live electronics based on street sounds.

Sofia’s Open Kitchen Ensemble:
Margarida Pinheiro
Andrea Conangla Fernandes
Annely Leinberg
Linda Kruse
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Georgi Sztojanov, Tenso Composer Alumnus, worked closely together with light designer, director and fine art artist Emese Csornai fusing the elements of light, movement and music.

Georgi’s Open Kitchen Ensemble:
Ginette Puylaert
Marta Lončar
Irene Sorozabal
Georgi Sztojanov
Albert Jan de Boer
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Pedro Matos, Tenso Singer Alumnus, takes a fresh look on combining choral singing with different vocal techniques and beatboxing.

Pedro’s Open Kitchen Ensemble:
Andrea Conangla Fernandes
Annely Leinberg
Jakob Hoffmann
Simon Rasche
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