TWCE workshop sessions

The Tenso Workshop for Choir and Electronics (TWCE) is part of Tenso’s project 14-18 : From Poetry to Music. The selected composers will be asked to base their composition on a text dating from 1914-1918.

The selected composers will be asked to clearly define their artistic goals before coming to work at the Musiikkitalo (Helsinki Music Centre). The purpose of these first sessions should be to find out how to realize their goals within the possibilities and limitations of the equipment and platforms available at MuTe. In April, there will be plenty opportunity to try out different options and approaches.

At the April session two singers will be available. Participants can both ask them to record material for processing in the studio, and work on real time sound processing effects with them. Participants are asked to plan their work with the singers carefully in advance and to write material and/or prepare patches appropriately. Creative and technical support teams of MuTe students and staff will be available to help at all stages of the process but participants are expected to play an active part in the running of the electronics themselves

In the period April – August, the coaches and MuTe teams will be available for Skype sessions and intermediate evaluation of the new works.

In August, there will be a full week to work with the coaches, including several workshop sessions with choir. The week will end with a presentation taking place during Tenso Days Helsinki.