Inspiring choral projects: Digital connection

Projects that use digital tools to find, engage and connect people.

A selection:

Orelhudo – Casa da Música
The ever imaginative educational department of Porto’s Casa da Música has created an online tool for teachers in primary schools, to listen to 90 seconds of music every day: classical, contemporary, pop, folk. Teaching material is provided for registered visitors. And there is a lot of choral music too!

24 h Bruno – accentus
Based on the TV series “24h Chrono”, accentus created five youtube videos which, in a soap-series-style, document a young men’s discovery of the contemporary music of Bruno Mantovani.

Folkphone – Ole Hamre 
Random people on the street sing their favourite note, which is used as sample for a keyboard performance with video.

Virtual Choir – Eric Whitacre
The user-generated choir, brainchild of composer Eric Whitacre. Whitacre claims he more or less accidentally created the largest choir in the world.



We are curious: What choral projects kept you breathless, touched your soul and inspired you? Please complement here the selection with projects that have left an impact on you! 

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