Inspiring choral projects: New concert formats

Concert formats combining choral music with other art forms (dance, poetry, video, digital technology, etc.), playing with parameters like time and space, new concert settings like outside the concert hall, etc.

A selection:


Human requiem – Rundfunkchor Berlin
New setting of Brahms’ “Deutsches Requiem”: Separation between stage and audience is dissolved. The audience is in the centre of the staged performance.


Works of Karmina Šilec
Choral concerts, using the concept “Choregie” combining scenographic elements, light design, choreography, images, sound gesture and other elements of theatrical production.


NeoArctic – Latvijas Radio Koris
Hotel Pro Forma and Latvian Radio Choir reunited to create their third project, a visual music performance combining choral music and video art. Topics: climate change, soil erosion, urbanisation, digitalisation of all areas of life.


And you must suffer ­– Cappella Amsterdam
Staged production by Pierre Audi of Bach’s Johannes Passion combined with Annelies Van Parys’  “And thou must suffer” and Samir Odeh-Tamimi “L’Apocalypse ” (incl. video production). 


7 Tales – Musicatreize
Seven musical theatre performances from Finland to Africa to Vietnam to Portugal…
Staged concert format combining the art of puppeteering to tell the finish legend of Antti Puuhaara (version of Red Riding Hood). 


The Creation – accentus
Together with the Catalan collective “La Fura dels Baus”, known for its spectacular shows combining acrobatics and digital technology, accentus puts a new view on Haydn “Die Schöpfung”.


Les Saison, Horae quidem cedunt – Musicatreize
Concert format which brings choral music together with cinematographic projections.…-mpx31.html


Five Estonian Fairy Tales – Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Folk song arrangements by Veljo Tormis in a live performance synchronized with film on the screen, showing 5 videos based on Estonian fairy tales. Also an EPCC educational project for Russian school students in Eastern Estonia.


150 Psalms – Nederlands Kamerkoor
In the framework of a festival-like week, 150 psalms by 150 different composers, covering 1000 years of choral music will be presented. Each day a famous international speaker reflects on the topics of the 150 psalms.


4 Latvian Ghost Stories – Latvijas Radio Koris
A staged concert: “Four Latvian ghost stories” is a concert project by Kaspars Putniņš, Jēkabs Nīmansi, Reinis Suhanovs. Together they create a unique project which explores the phenomenon of Halloween Latvian-style.


Detective Operas – Musicatreize
Musicatreize brings together the genre of detective stories and creates a cycle of three chamber operas, written by three composers.




Jukebox – Det Norske Solistkor
Four singers of Det Norske Solistkor sing from within a caravan, to be used as a jukebox by the audience. The jukebox concept is performed on a regular basis at festivals, christmas markets and family events and uses especially designed menus for for each public and occasion.


ForumKonzerte – RIAS
Four concerts during the season which are performed in close relation to the location, thus creating a dialogue between music and architecture.


Pasaka par Kurbadu – Latvijas Radio Koris
The Latvian Tale of Kurbad is told via an electro-acoustic forest walk. On four stations in the woods the audience is surrounded by an audio installation.


The Resonance Project – Oliver Beer 
Series of performances, installations and films that uses the human voice to stimulate architectural spaces to resound at their natural frequencies.

We are curious: What choral projects kept you breathless, touched your soul and inspired you? Please complement the selection with projects that have left an impact on you! 

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