Tenso C:N inspiring projects

New concert formats

Concert formats combining choral music with other art forms (dance, poetry, video, digital technology, etc.), playing with parameters like time and space, new concert settings like outside the concert hall, etc.
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Professionals and amateurs together

Projects that bring together professional choirs and passionate amateur singers on stage, encourage contemporary composers to create suitable repertoire, settings that invite those who normally can’t come to a concert house and more!
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Projects which focuses on children and young people

Creative projects which have been developed to reach young ears. Staged children and family performances, special workshops to inspire to discover the own voice and much more…
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Digital connection

Projects that use digital tools to find, engage and connect audiences.
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We are curious: What choral projects kept you breathless, touched your soul and inspired you? Please complement the selection with project that have left an impact on you!

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